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Fishers Basement Waterproofing

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    Basement waterproofing is without doubt one of the most vital areas of our homes protection. The basement is the very foundation that our property rests on. Structural damage can lead a huge range of problems throughout our home. Protection from water damage is essential to keep our basement in perfect condition. Fishers Basement Waterproofing can provide the full range of waterproofing and repairs to keep your home in peak condition for many year to come. From French drain installation, interior and exterior wall sealing, to basement crack repair. We offer it all, and all to the highest standards you will find anywhere in Fishers, IN.

    About Us

    We are a local Indiana company located in Hamilton County, in the wonderful city of Fishers. We have been providing first rate basement waterproofing services over the previous years, and have developed an excellent name for delivering a service that is second to none anywhere in Fishers, IN, and the surrounding areas. From our very first job to our very latest, quality has always been our number one priority. We know that excellent service leads to an excellent reputation! For all of your basement waterproofing services you won’t find better than Fishers Basement Waterproofing services.


    We are a fully professional company that can supply you with all areas of basement waterproofing and repairs. From a full exterior basement waterproofing, to complete interior basement waterproofing we can provide the full service to keep your basement warm and cozy, and above all, dry! A new French drain system or a basement sump installation, we have it covered at a highly cost effective price. A floor or basement wall crack can spell big problems, a basement crack injection can provide a deep filling solution. We can also provide full investigations into any signs of water damage that might suggest hidden problems.

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    Exterior Basement Waterproofing

    Exterior basement waterproofing is an essential periodic service that is essential for protecting your property from structural damage. The process involves an excavation around your building to expose the outer walls of your basement. Once fully cleaned any damage can be dealt with, as well as any external basement crack repair that is required. After completion the wall can be completely waterproofed before restoring your ground to its original condition. A very good investment to fully protect the foundations of your home.

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    Interior Basement Waterproofing

    We offer a full interior basement waterproofing service. Dealing with the source of drips and puddles, mold, humidity and bad odors can all be identified and rectified. Even if there is no current problem apparent, we can provide a full waterproofing or resealing service to ensure that a problem doesn’t arise. In the event of any unexpected problem occurring we can supply full emergency services to deal with the issue as soon as possible, simply call us at the first sign of any problems.

    I noticed some cracks starting to form in my basement, stupidly I ignored them. After a while I saw that they were growing in size and starting to weep. My father insisted that I call you, and he was right (as always). Your team completely filled the cracks as if they were never there. Great job at a very sensible price! C.P – Fishers, IN.

    French Drain System

    The French drain system is a wonderful and proven invention that has provided an absolutely invaluable solution for basement owners all over the world. Completely unseen and buried underground it delivers faultless removal of ground water, before it can reach our basement walls and floors. A drain tile, or even an outlet pipe is not always required, making it a truly hidden away secret that still provides a perfect drainage solution, and the release of high pressure from unwanted excess water.

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    Basement Crack Repair

    Cracks can unfortunately appear anywhere in our basements, and all of them can allow for water to enter. Deep cracks can be a particular problem! We have developed a perfect basement crack injection system that completely fills even the deepest areas of the crack, simply plastering over a crack will not provide protection for very long! By deeply filling the crack all areas are prevented from retaining water, and the associated expansion and further crack development possibilities.

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    I noticed some cracks starting to form in my basement, stupidly I ignored them. After a while I saw that they were growing in size and starting to weep. My father insisted that I call you, and he was right (as always). Your team completely filled the cracks as if they were never there. Great job at a very sensible price! C.P – Fishers, IN.

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    Basement Sump Pump

    A basement sump pump installation is a great way of ensuring that all surface water that may accumulate on your basement floor is removed and safely transported away from your property. Installed in a little under a day it can provide many, many years of faultless service to keep your basement floor dry and mold free. Low energy costs and highly effective water removal are all great positives of a sump pump installation.

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    Signs of Water Damage

    Not all signs of water damage are easy to spot, some are obvious but not all. Increased humidity, a strong musty smell or odors, stains and discoloration, as well as the presence of mold are all definite signs of water damage. Fishers Basement Waterproofing experts have been carrying out detailed water damage inspections throughout the past years and know what to look for, and more importantly will easily identify the likely cause!

    My new property had a great basement that was fitted with a series of weep holes, which I understand are great for removing water from the outside of my building. The problem was this left my basement floor constantly wet. You recommended a sump pump installation which I agreed with, floor is now completely dry. D.K – Hamilton County.

    Contact Us Today

    Fishers Basement Waterproofing team of friendly and extremely knowledgeable customer service agents are ready and waiting for your call. Whether you are looking for an initial condition inspection for a potential new property purchase, or a full basement waterproofing service, or renewal to your existing basement, we are waiting to answer all of your questions and enquires. You can contact us via our dedicated customer contact number, as well as our email and contact us form. Please don’t forget that we also offer emergency services for when you need us most, call us day or night whenever disaster strikes!