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Basement Sump Pump

a pump installed at the basement

If you are regularly experiencing a build-up of water in your basement, action will be needed. A sump pump installation could be the perfect answer! A professionally installed sump pump will gather the water within the sump before pumping the water away from your basement, and indeed your building. A sump pump uses very little energy and offers a low noise operation, as well as being highly efficient in water removal. Fishers Basement Waterproofing Company can provide a full sump pump installation to remove any water that gathers in your basement. Your sump pump will be highly unobtrusive and can be located in any the area that it will be the most effective, a corner or any area where the water congregates.

Will a Sump Pump solve all of my Basement Waterproofing Issues?

A sump pump is the ideal solution for many basement waterproofing issues, but it can’t solve everything. A sump pump is the perfect accompaniment to weep holes for example. When water builds-up behind your external basement walls it can create enormous high pressure that can lead to structural damage occurring. It is important to release this pressure, and a series of weep holes is a great way to achieve this. The very nature of a weep hole will allow for this water to escape into your basement, a sump pump is the perfect solution to remove this water, quickly and efficiently. For more serious basement waterproofing issues the cause should always be identified and rectified.

How do you install a Sump Pump?

A basement sump pump installation is definitely not a job to be attempted by most do it yourself enthusiasts. After identifying the correct location for your sump pump, a large excavation will need to be created for your sump (effectively a large bucket) to sit in. This hole must be deep enough to allow the sump to sit level, or just below ground level. Once filtration elements have been added it’s time to add and wire up the pump. Next comes the plumbing, Piping to channel the water away will need to be installed to carry this water up to ground level and away from your property to a suitable discharge place. This should be done with care and expertise! This is just a very basic description of a sump pump installation, the actual job will have many other factors to consider, definitely a job for the experts.

Is buying a Property with a Sump Pump a Risky Investment? 

No, quite the contrary! Most people would view the presence of a sump pump installation as a sign that the previous owners took the maintenance of the building seriously. Naturally, all the normal property inspections should still take place, including identifying any signs of structural damage or damp. If all is fine then a sump pump should be no cause for concern. A sump pump that is in good order and working effectively should provide you the peace of mind that your basement is well protected from any surface water build-up.

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