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Exterior Basement Waterproofing

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When you first think of an external basement waterproofing service it can be a scary prospect, it will undoubtedly involve an excavation around the perimeter of your sunken basement. But if you balance that against the danger of structure damage to your home, it is surely a small sacrifice! Fishers Basement Waterproofing Company will provide the most unobtrusive service possible to gain access to your exterior basement walls. Once access is gained the exterior walls will be fully cleaned so that any problems can be fully exposed. Following all remediation processes are completed the ground will be refilled to its original condition and will just need a little time for any plants to redevelop!

Exterior Basement Waterproofing is Essential

No matter how much attention is provided to your interior basement waterproofing protection, it will all be effected by the exterior provision. Fortunately its maintenance will not need to be a regular occurrence! The build-up of water pressure from sodden soil surrounding your exterior basement walls will all have an effect on the long term life of your exterior basement walls, as well as the overall security of your homes foundations. Damp entering your exterior basement walls is likely to produce long term negative implications! Professionally delivered exterior basement waterproofing will keep the water away from entering your basement!

Your Basements External Protection

Once the outer structure of your basement is fully exposed our professional technicians can carry out a full inspection of its condition. Any defects will be quickly exposed and a remedy suggested. Any external basement cracks are sure to be allowing water to penetrate your outer structure and are likely to lead to a damp wall being formed, a great place for mold to develop! A high pressure external basement wall crack injection can often be the most effective way to deal with this. We only use the very highest quality of filling solutions that will set to create an impenetrable gap that will provide the very highest waterproofing and damp resistance.

External Basement Sealing

If you own a fairly modern home your basement is likely to have been waterproof sealed following construction. This can last for many years but periodic resealing is highly recommended to maintain its waterproofing qualities and to continue to provide excellent protection. If your home is older, as many are in Fishers, IN, the chances are it was never sealed. If it was, it certainly wouldn’t have been with the highly advanced basement waterproofing solutions available today. Following the excavation process your exterior basement walls will be fully cleaned and allowed to dry. Once dry we will apply a generous coating of high quality exterior sealant which will provide full protection for many years.

The Clean Up Process

Once all of your exterior basement waterproofing and repairs have been completed it’s time for the clean up to start. We will fully refill all excavated areas to recreate the original great looks of your property, as if nothing had happened. A fully professional external basement waterproofing service, from start to finish.

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