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French Drain System

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A French drain system is truly a wonderful invention that provides excellent water drainage from our basements and outlying areas. Its routes can be traced back as far as 1859 although the location of its original concept is still unknown. Despite the name “French Drain” it may not be French at all! It first became popular after being discovered and promoted by a US Treasury Secretary and Judge from Concord, Massachusetts, named Henry Flagg French, hence the name French Drain! It was first popular as a way of keeping farmland well drained, but has since spread to many other areas of the construction world due to its excellent performance. It is certainly a fantastic choice for all basement waterproofing and drainage!

What is a French Drain?

French drains are essentially a channel or pipe that assists the removal of excess water from below the ground. The design incorporates many perforations that allow water to enter before being dispersed to outer areas of your property. Additional perforations to the bottom of the pipe can also allow for drain water to escape on route, providing even distribution of water from saturated areas, to areas more able to cope and disperse this excess water.

Interior French Drain Systems

All ground water will always seek a place to settle, and take the path of least resistance. When the ground below is saturated it will to travel upwards. This is where an interior French drain comes into its element. It can intercept the rising water and safely transport it away from your property, before it reaches your basement floor and walls. Another beauty of an interior French drain is that it is buried underground, nobody will ever be able to tell that it is there! But you will know that it is working out of sight to provide your basement with additional basement waterproofing to help keep your underground room in a safe and pleasant condition. Due to its perforated design an additional water drainage or drain tile will not always be required. Many internal French drains don’t even require an external outlet to be fitted.

Exterior French Drain Installation

An important consideration when providing basement waterproofing is how to keep sources of outdoor water from coming into contact with your exterior walls. A French drain system can be the perfect solution. Fishers Basement Waterproofing experts can install a series of outdoor French drains around the entire perimeter of your home to safely channel away excess water build-up, before it can reach your external walls. In the same way as an interior French drain installation this will remain completely invisible. But you’ll know it’s there and working to keep your property well protected. Plants and shrubs can even be planted above with no problems, in fact the addition of plants will only aid the removal of excess water build-up. Another great option is to cover the area is with loose gravel or decorative wood chips to slow down the flow of water to your French drain.

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