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Interior Basement Waterproofing

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Internal basement waterproofing is without doubt a highly important provision to keep your home in pristine condition. Naturally, your basement is an integral part of your foundations and is essential to keep it in good condition. A damp or wet basement can lead to far more serious structural damage being experienced throughout your property, which can be very costly to put right. Investment in a professional interior basement waterproofing service will prevent any such future problems. Fishers Basement Waterproofing Company have been providing the most highly effective interior basement waterproofing to the many homeowners of Fishers, IN, for many years. Whenever you engage our basement waterproofing services you can be sure that the full protection of your property will be our number one priority!

The Initial Interior Basement Waterproofing Process

The first stage of any basement waterproofing service will be an initial and full inspection. During this inspection our technicians will identify any areas that are causing problems, or may be likely to cause problems in the future. Any signs of water damage, stains, mold, drips or puddles will also need the cause to be established. This will allow us to formulate the perfect plan to provide your basement with full waterproofing protection.

Interior Basement Repairs Prior to Waterproofing

Following all basement inspections it is important to make repairs to any areas of concern that have been identified. If left untreated they are likely to causes areas of stress to any basement waterproofing sealants. Damp walls or floors should be fully dried out, all signs of mold must be removed and treated to prevent reoccurrence. Any damage to a core joint or mortar joint should also be addressed, as well as any required basement crack repair being carried out. These are all absolutely essential to provide, before your basement receives the sealing service to provide your foundation with the protection it requires.

Interior Basement Sealing

Once all repairs and preparation have been completed, and your walls have been allowed to dry fully (we can also provide a range of gentle warming equipment to speed up this process) the waterproof sealing solution can then be applied. As with external basement waterproofing, we will apply a coating of the highest quality basement sealing liquid. All of our basement technicians will know if a second coat is also required, although this usually won’t be necessary. Once finished your basement will be fully protected once more!

Using Your Basement for Storage?

Many of us find that our basements become a place for storage, often without even realizing we are doing so. When we are not sure where to put something that we don’t use often, the basement is often the first thought. This may include boxes with old and cherished family photos and alike, even important legal documents! It could be several years before we open the boxes again, only to discover that they have been ruined by discoloration, stains and mold! Whilst the financial value is likely to be zero, the sentimental value is priceless, and unfortunately irreplaceable! An interior basement waterproofing service can prevent experiencing this heartache.

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