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Signs of Water Damage

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Water damage can come in many forms, and the signs of water damage can be very easy to spot, or extremely will hidden and difficult to identify. Our Fishers Basement Waterproofing team have been conducting full basement inspections for many years and know how to find the signs of any water damage. If there is any water damage anywhere in your basement, you can be certain that we will find it! Water damage could have been caused by a one off occurrence, but can often be a sign of a more serious underlying problem, and will need to be investigated fully. Once the cause has been found we can suggest the very best options for a full and professional repair and basement waterproofing service.

Strong Odors or a Musty SmellĀ 

If you a greeted by a strong and unpleasant musty smell or odors when you first enter a basement, it is a sure sign that there is a problem. The source may not be obvious, but is unlikely to be short term problem. For a smell to have developed would normally suggest that the problem has been present for several months, if not years! No matter what the cause of the problem, we can quickly identify it. Once identified it can be fully treated and removed. Once the source of the problem has been eradicated, our basement waterproofing team can provide a full solution to ensure that it will not return.


Mold is without question proof that damp and moisture are present in your basement. Mold is not only an unpleasant sight and the cause of odors and musty smells, it can also be very damaging to your health. As mold begins to dry out it will often release millions of microscopic mold spores into the air, impossible to see, but taken into our lungs with every breath. Not a great environment if you have converted your basement into a recreational place such as a gymnasium or recording studio. Once again, the source will need to be found and dealt with. Fishers Basement Waterproofing service can provide the full solution.

Warped Wood or a Swollen Drywall

Often our basement will be lined with a drywall or wooden internal sidings. Both warped wood and a swollen drywall are signs that water has been allowed to penetrate. This will often be due to excessive damp or water seeping through the external wall behind your cladding. We can remove your drywall panels and wooden sidings to allow for a comprehensive inspection and repair.

Soft Spots, Stains and Discoloration

If you notice any stains or discoloration appearing on any of your walls or ceilings this can also indicated that moisture is entering, probably from behind. Soft spots in your walls are also likely to be caused in the same manner. If left untreated these are only likely to develop further, early intervention is always the best option, and certainly the most cost effective long term solution. Whatever water damage you might be experiencing, we can help. Call us

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